Woman tries ‘weirdest’ pregnancy cravings and rates tuna and ice cream 10/10

Having the sudden urge to eat a certain type of food when you’re pregnant is very common.

Whilst some mums-to-be crave sweet treats like ice cream or popcorn, others crave salty foods like cheese toasties and tomato soup, olives or fast food.

But on the odd occasion, the food combinations are slightly more bizarre.

Mia Challiner, a British student who lives in France, has been testing out some odd pregnancy cravings and rating them out of 10.

She documents her surprising reactions on TikTok where she has racked up more than 72 million views.

Mia captioned the original video, which has been viewed more than 9.2 million times, “Trying women’s weird pregnancy craving combos,” she wrote in the caption, asking, “Which one would you hate the most?”

The first item she tried was coffee beans, which she rated 4/10 because they’re “too dry”.

Then she drank pickle juice from the jar, and rated it a 9/10 as it was “kinda fire.”

Apples and tomato ketchup were given a 6/10, whilst ice cream on toast went down a treat.

“10/10 love it,” she says handing the leftover toast to the dog.

Mia then ate peanut butter with Tabasco sauce, which she gives a -10,000/10 because it’s “disgusting”.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 1.9 million likes and 5,700 comments.

One person said: “Wait the toast and ice cream think looks so good I wanna try it.”

Another revealed: “I drink pickle juice all the time,” to which a number of other people agreed.

“My mom was obsessed with French fries dipped in vanilla ice cream,” commented a third.

Whilst one declared: “My mum used to eat Krispy Kreme donuts and tuna.”

Since then, Mia has created 13 follow-up videos where she tried a number of other random combinations.

Whilst she rated peanut butter and pickles a solid 12/10, milk and Doritos received a 4/10 alongside eggs and Nutella.

Tuna and ice cream went down a treat as she marked it an impressive 10/10, as did chocolate spread and Doritos which was given the highest mark of 1000/10.

Blue cheese and brownie on the other hand was branded “disgusted” as she rated it -10,000/ 10.