TikTok now lets you wipe out up to 100 nasty comments at once

TikTok is making it much easier for creators to quickly report harassing comments. With an update that starts rolling out today, the app is adding the ability to select multiple comments at once — up to 100 — so that creators can delete and report remarks or block accounts in bulk. Creators previously had to go one by one when reporting, deleting, or blocking, so this new system should help and perhaps even encourage people to wipe out comments they don’t want to see.

The feature should be particularly helpful on TikTok, since the network’s vaunted algorithm can rocket anyone to stardom in an instant, suddenly placing them in front of millions of unknown viewers. That can put unsuspecting amateurs and seasoned creators alike in a position to receive harassing comments, and the app needs to provide a way for them to deal with it at a scale that matches TikTok’s huge viewership numbers.

TikTok says the feature rolls out today in “select markets” and globally in the “coming weeks.” It’s the latest in a series of anti-harassment features, including the option to approve comments one by one before they appear and a prompt that tells people to reconsider their post if TikTok thinks they’ve written something that goes against its community rules.